These are my experiences inspired by books…

Are you a book junkie like me and you want another excuse to connect to more good reads? Or maybe, you don’t consider yourself much of a reader, and you’re overwhelmed by the process of choosing something that will speak to you. Either way, my goal is the same — to review books I’ve hand-picked for you and share how these stories have inspired my own real-life adventures. These are what I call Plot Driven Life experiences.

Some of my favorite adventures have lead me to try a new sport, write my own obituary, and post inspiring messages in a school bathroom. Most amazingly, one of these adventures connected me with a whole new set of family members to love!

My hope is that you’ll take my recommendations and pick a book (or two) you love so much you choose to share it with friends, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll even feel called to plan your own Plot Driven Life experience.

Happy Reading,


Make Coding “App”-etizing for Students

Make Coding “App”-etizing for Students

Last week, Missouri's governor Mike Parson announced that all schools in the state will remain closed through the end of the school year. It wasn't a surprise for most of us educators, but the announcement sure sucked. We teachers miss our kids! And we're especially...

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Speaking Graphically

Speaking Graphically

Woah! It’s almost been a YEAR since I last posted, and the main reason for that is my happy, healthy almost one-year old-son! I can’t even believe how fast the last eleven months have gone, but they haven’t left much time for reading or writing. That changed this past...

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A Plot Driven Life Explained

Read the Book

As a high school librarian, I read mostly YA titles, and I prefer to listen to books through services like Audible, Overdrive and Hoopla. I’ll only share books with you that I think are worth your time. Contact me if you have any must-read suggestions!

Pick the Plot

I start every book thinking it might spark an idea for a real-life adventure. I reflect on the characters’ experiences or the author’s advice, and if I feel inspired, I plan an activity directly influenced by the book. These activities are typically first-time experiences for me and push me out of my comfort zone.

Live the Lit

 I follow in the footsteps of the characters I’ve read about, documenting the adventure along the way. Whether I’m sampling new foods or sighting eagles, I let the experience deepen my understanding of the book that inspired it. Each blog post packages my book review, adventure and reflection for your own entertainment and inspiration!