Inspired by Books

Inspired by Books

In April 2017, I was reading a (cry your eyes out) young adult book called Goodbye Days by Jeff Zenter that referenced “lemon chess pie.” This pie is central to one of the “Goodbye Day” celebrations featured in the story– one of three days the main character spends remembering each of three friends killed in a tragic car accident. I thought to myself, “I’ve never heard of this kind of pie,” and I made a note to look up the recipe. As I was writing down the note, I was literally hit with a “whoosh” of creativity. What if I made a lemon chess pie and then reflected on my experience as it related to the characters in Goodbye Days, like, in a blog? Cue the trumpets, ladies and gentlemen; this is that blog.

My goal with the Plot Driven Life blog is 1) to read young adult books, 2) have experiences inspired by the characters and 3) share my reflections with you. It’s a pretty simple concept, but I have set a few rules for myself:

First of all, each experience should be positive and/or helpful. I suspect I’ll make things, go to new places, meet new people, give of myself, try new activities, and more! I’m hoping to learn, push myself out of my comfort zone and enrich the lives of others whenever possible. I will never plan to take part in an experience that is hurtful or hateful. This blog is meant to be uplifting!

Second of all, I won’t plan an experience in advance of reading a book or intentionally select a book to support an experience. For example, I won’t go looking for a book about a character who runs a marathon simply because I have plans to run a marathon (I don’t, actually have these plans). Each experience I’ll blog about here will be one that I decided upon as I read the book. I’ll get fancy and say that each experience will happen “organically.”

Me & my husband, Mike, and our dogs, Rudy & Benny.

Finally, some of the experiences I’ll write about here will be major ones, maybe even life-changing ones. Other times, I’ll blog about doing simple things. I have a life, after all, that includes a job as a high school librarian, a husband and some amazing friends and family as well as hobbies, so I refuse to let this blog take over my life. Instead, I hope it will enrich my life and inspire you, too, to lead a plot driven life. It would make me crazy happy for you to share your own plot driven adventures!

When I’m inspired to do so, I may share some additional librarian-y ideas or lesson plans that I come up with that relate to the books I read. If you are a teacher or librarian, I hope this blog will become a tool for you to use with your students or at least to inform you about some stellar YA reads out there!

So, while I was planning to make the lemon chess pie mentioned in Goodbye Days, something tragic happened in my own family, and I decided I would plan a different experience instead. I’m still working to make this happen, but I’ll blog about it very soon. My next adventures take me into a boxing gym and on a fishing trip, and I can’t wait to share with you.

Until then, thanks for reading,